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World of the News

Posted: September 5th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: World of the News | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on World of the News

World of the NewsThe global behemoth that is News (Ltd + International) is creeking and groaning under it’s own size as it attempts to reform itself for the digital age, changing the way it does business, answering for the way it’s done business and comes to terms with the trouble it’s had downsizing it’s business.

In the UK, the saga of phone-hacking goes on with Former News International chief Rebekah Brooks has appeared briefly in a London court, accused of conspiring to hack phones. As well as Brooks, former legal manager of Rupert Murdoch’s News International has been arrested in connection with the phone hacking scandal. In Australia the behemoth has not announced that up to 80 more editing and reporting jobs will be cut from News Limited, including dozens across Queensland.

The once golden Nine stable of multimedia products has dipped further into trouble times. Nine Entertainment has announced the sale of ACP Magazines – Australia’s largest stable of print based media –  to German media giant Bauer. The sale is reported to be worth about $500 million and is expected to be finalised in the next one to two months.

No post would be complete without comment on Julian Assange, his latest antics – stuck within the shrinking walls of the Eucadorian Embassy in London – Mr Assange, or Our Jullian as we like to refer, is prepping himself for a 12 month camp-out as he steadies himself for waht looks like a very long fight. At what point does one need to ask the question; ‘surely he’d be done with the fight if he’d gone to Sweden 3 years ago?’

In proof that there is still some value in old-school communication devices, a Scottish fishing boat’s skipper has found a message in a bottle, 98 years after it was released. The bottle was released by the Glasgow School of Navigation in 1914 as part of an experiment to map the currents in the sea off the Scottish coast  :: Read the full article »»»»

News Limited Shakes It ALL Up

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News Limited Shakes It ALL UpAustralia’s media landscape has been through the ringer over the past few weeks and months, the ground is changing at a pace not seen since the eighties. The latest shake-up comes from the ever stoic News Limited – the Australian arm of News Corporation – the company has announced a massive restructuring of the way it delivers news.

The announcement on last week, which included job cuts and a reduction in east coast operations from 19 divisions to five, came days after Fairfax Media outlined plans to axe 1,900 staff, move jobs offshore, close two major printing presses and downsize its flagship newspapers to tabloids, as well as it’s ongoing boardroom battles with billionaire Gina Rinehart.

Despite the cuts, News Limited CEO Kim Williams has told staff that the organisation remains committed to print :: Read the full article »»»»

World of the News

Posted: March 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: World of the News | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on World of the News

World of the News - March 2012Beleaguered UK Tabloid: The Sun is of course still all over the news, ironicaly for a tabloid – for all the right reasons, bad behaviour. A British police chief has detailed allegations that journalists at Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper cultivated a network of corrupt officials who received illegal payments in return for story tip-offs.

ABC Cameraman Louie Eroglu: has won the prestigious White House News Photographers Association’s video photographer of the year award for the second year running.

The Behemoth that is Google: is overhauling its privacy policy despite opposition from various consumer and privacy advocates. In the past, data collected in the course of a web search would be kept separate from your YouTube viewing activity or your Google email usage and map queries.

The Guardian Runs “Three Little Pigs” Open Journalism Advertisement: To demonstrate how the news organization covers stories from all angles while opening up the conversation for reader engagement, The Guardian published a video advertisement today that imagines news coverage around the classic fable about the Three Little Pigs.

Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists: is currently accepting applications for their 2012 United Nations Journalism Fellowship program. The Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists has awarded fellowships to journalists since 1962. For the United Nations Journalism Fellowship, four journalists are selected and are given the opportunity to report on international affairs during the UN’s annual General Assembly.

WikiLeaks Dumping Top Secret Intelligence Emails: Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has begun publishing more than 5 million confidential emails from Texas-based intelligence firm Stratfor. WikiLeaks says it has proof of the firm’s confidential links to large corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co and Lockheed Martin, as well as government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. Read the full article »»»»

World of the News

Posted: February 25th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: World of the News | Tags: , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on World of the News

World of the NewsJK Rowling: Author of the Harry Potter book series, is writing her first novel for adults The British writer, 46, whose teenage boy wizard tales became international best-sellers and inspired a series of hit films, said on Thursday her new novel would be “very different” to the Harry Potter books that made her a household name and turned her into a billionaire.

The Simpsons 500th Episode: Our favorite four fingered family, The Simpsons, have reached another milestone. On Sunday the 19th The Simpsons aired their 500th episode, “Long Last Leave”, Episode 14 of Series 23 to be precise. Since first airing December 17, 1989 the Simpsons have gone on to become an an institution of hilarity. Springfield’s all over America have never been the same.

Australian Media Roundup: Fairfax’s 40 percent drop in revenue is about to take it’s toll on employees, the Seven Network ups it’s profits and market share. Meanwhile, Ten Network Holdings has warned that its half-year profits will be significantly down on the year before due to a drop in revenue from its television and outdoor advertising divisions.

Rupert Murdoch’s latest venture, The Sun on Sunday kicks off this weekend, the challenge for Murdoch’s new Sunday tabloid: Keep the scoops, drop the sleaze.  Drone Journalism: ABC has a superlative piece on one of the emerging tools in modern journalism ‘No Brooks it’s not your finger followed by your halitosis‘ Drones play an increasing and controversial role in modern warfare. From Afghanistan and Pakistan to Iran and Yemen, they have become a ubiquitous symbol of Washington’s war on terrorism.

World of the News Online: Gannett, the largest United States newspaper chain, has announced plans to begin charging for online access to its 80 US dailies by the end of the year with the exception of flagship USA Today. + HOMAGE: Marie Colvin’s final dispatch :: Read the full article »»»»

World of the News

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World of the News - February 2012The Sun on Sunday: Media mogul Rupert Murdoch threw his weight on Friday behind his beleaguered tabloid The Sun by announcing he would launch a Sunday edition of the paper. Wailing Whailers: A US judge has refused a request to stop the Sea Shepherd activist group from disrupting Japanese whalers.

Sperm Donors: Authorities in New South Wales are considering rules to record the identity of sperm donors on birth certificates. Facebook Hacker Jailed: A British student, who hacked into Facebook’s internal network risking “disastrous” consequences for the website, was jailed for eight months in what prosecutors described as the most serious case of its kind they had seen.

FBI Zombie Trojan: The FBI have had to expand the list of super villains that they are hunting down. The new generation of super villain is wired and connected, existing in the ethereal world of the internet as an avatar and making use of zombie machines to do their bidding.

Our Charlie Reckons Kutcher Sucks Ass: Those whacky celeb-hunterss at TMZ received the shock of their lives during their live show on Thursday. KATE UPTON! Announced this week at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition release in Las Vegas , Kate Upton is the latest blonde bombshell to grace the cover :: Read the full article »»»»

Rupert Murdoch Joins The Twitterati

Posted: January 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Favorite New Thought . . . | Tags: , , , | Comments Off on Rupert Murdoch Joins The Twitterati

Rupert Murdoch TwitterNews Corporation founder, chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch was the latest to join the 300 million-user microblog – Twitter – in what seems to be a move to repair a damaged public image.

Murdoch, whose estimated net worth is $US7.4 billion, has already amassed over 75,000 followers in two days after tweeting about politics, late friend Steve Jobs and those lazy Britts.

And less than two days after joining Twitter, Murdoch’s tweeting antics seem to have done the trick, Murdoch has had his first brush with tweeting-before-thinking, after suggesting that the British have too many holidays for a “broke country”.

 Murdoch, who joined Twitter on December 31, quickly deleted the message, but not before it was snapped up by his 40,000 new  followers, who quickly helped spread the wisdom :: Read the full article »»»»