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Google Says Don’t Be A Glasshole

Posted: February 21st, 2014 | Author: | Filed under: Technoid Computer News | Tags: , , , , , , | Comments Off on Google Says Don’t Be A Glasshole

Google Says Don't Be A GlassholeNew technology often means a bit of a fumble when it comes to manners, remember the intro of the mobile phone – geez your old – where is it ok to use your phone, dealing with loud talkers and most recently sexting, the rules governing mobile phones have evolved very very slowly.

It’s taken more than 2 decades to come to terms with an accepted set of social do’s and don’t for the meek mobile. So what’s the etiquette for using Google Glass in public?

The do’s and don’ts for new technologies aren’t always clear, indeed many are still arguing over using mobiles in restaurants.

So the everwise behemoth that is Google, has stepped up, providing some basic tips on using it’s latest, greatest device :: Read the full article »»»»

NSFW! ADULT ONLY CONTENT: Sex with Google Glass, Glance

Posted: January 31st, 2014 | Author: | Filed under: Not Porn, NSFW!, SELFIE | Tags: , , , | Comments Off on NSFW! ADULT ONLY CONTENT: Sex with Google Glass, Glance

NSFW!Porn on Google Glass has been well written about, at first thought it’s a brilliant idea, however Google – and it’s prude policy – is making nudity on Glass harder than purveyors of porn would like.

A UK based App developer says he’s created the first Google Glass App designed for sex, NO, not porn, sex.

Sex with Glass purports to let partners share their point of view with each other, allowing “you see two different perspectives, seamlessly, changing the way you experience sex”.

The idea is that both bedroom buddies wear Glass during their fleshy encounter, the App sends a live video feed to the other person’s display upon command, “OK, Glass, it’s time”, allowing them to see what you see in real time, to stop the live feed you simply utter the words, “OK, Glass, pull out”.

Unfortunately, according to the empathetic developer “No one wants the App in their store, not Google, nor Apple.

NSFW! Tuned IN… TRULY Turned ON

Posted: January 7th, 2014 | Author: | Filed under: NSFW! | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on NSFW! Tuned IN… TRULY Turned ON

Tuned IN... TRULY Turned ON

We’re connected, in more ways than ever before. Connected to lovers globally, without the need to ever meet, to digital media without needing to ever leave the house, we’re connected electronically, hardwired, wireless and wifi’d. We’re well connected!

It feels like at any moment, the need for another human to satisfy our tactile needs will be redundant, we’re edging ever closer to not even needing our own hand to do that trick?

One connection that’s hard to break is the touch that tunes give, music, it touches us in so many ways, well ADD ANOTHER! :: Read the full article »»»»