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CHRONIC! Gina Rineharts’ Fairfax Fight

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Gina Rineharts' Fairfax Shakedown

UPDATED! 30 June 2012: Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart has asked the chairman of Fairfax Media to resign if he cannot reverse falling circulation and revenue at the company’s newspapers.

Ms Rinehart’s refusal to sign the company’s charter of independence raised concerns she would interfere with the editorial independence of Fairfax’s flagship newspapers, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

As mining magnate Gina Rinehart chases down editorial influence at Fairfax Media, along with three boardroom seats, Fairfax Newspapers must be wondering wtf is coming next, the embattled publisher is facing a boardroom shake up that has the once behemoth publisher quaking.

In a statement to the stock exchange, Mrs Rinehart’s company, Hancock Prospecting, confirmed she had raised her 12.6 per cent stake in the media company to 18.7 per cent of Fairfax shares in two separate raids last week. The confirmation came shortly after Fairfax announced it would slash 1,900 jobs as it deals with the rise of digital media and a slump in print readership.

Fairfax said today it would close two printing plants, move its Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers to tabloid format and introduce digital subscriptions for those two mastheads :: Read the full article »»»»

World of the News

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Our Weekly Roundup of People Who Made the News!

World of the News - February 2012Reuters reporter Paul Smalera asks the question: Will Big Media & Big Tech ever stop punishing their biggest fans? The recent anti-usability, nonsensical ways in which Big Media and Big Tech have restricted access to content has proved that both sides have been against Net Neutrality all along. Zach Watson Reports on the opposite to Link Love? Link Difficulties, Limp Linking, Loveless Links aka Pay-per-link: Ars Technica has found thatLowes.com has a ridiculous policy on linking to them. They require that Web sites that link to them must fill out a form. The actual idea of having to receive permission to link to a Web site is pretty stupid. It’s a concept that has been dead for years. Watson points out some more than amusing befuddles in Lowes Loveless linking. John C Abell has a superlative piece on Yahoo. Abell is a stalwart of electronic media, in his latest ravings he pokes  a smidgen of fun at nostalgia, writing that Yahoo is taking on Facebook, it’s not vying for the hearts and minds of the Internet cool kids. It’s going after licensing fees for patents. Abell reckons this is not how it is supposed to be. Gary Kemble, ABC.nets Social Media Coordinator follows the link love theme, from a more posterus angle: With statistics showing that more and more people are finding their news via their social networks, it has become more important than ever to provide a relevant, timely social media service. Which drags us into the ABCs Facebook Facelift: The peoples (our) news network is calling for feedback on it’s Facebook page renovation: www.facebook.com/abc-news/

+ Kony2012 Director Responds to Criticism, James Spigelman to Head ABC & Gina Rinehart Hits Forbes

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