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Risky Business

Posted: August 29th, 2017 | Author: | Filed under: Hard Pill to Swallow, News, News Update | Tags: , , , | Comments Off on Risky Business

Risky Business via reuters Toru Hanai

It’s a given, the USA could obliterate North Korea, however, as Steve Bannon, Trump’s outgoing advisor said, ‘…there are no military options.”

The consequences of war would be unimaginably horrific for both sides of the 38th parallel. The millions of casualties and wholesale destruction of cities like Seoul and Pyongyang could never be justified.

So how does this end?

Or do we simply learn to live with a nuclear-armed and missile-capable North Korea?

Successive US presidents have promised that would never happen, and yet it might already be a reality. Kim Jong-un seems to be betting his regime on the hope his newly developed firepower will offer a guarantee of protection, rather than an invitation to disaster :: Read the full article »»»»

North Korea Carries Out H-Bomb Test

Posted: January 7th, 2016 | Author: | Filed under: News, News Update, North Korea, Revolute | Tags: , , , , , | Comments Off on North Korea Carries Out H-Bomb Test


North Korea Carries Out H-Bomb Test-Kim Jong Un

South Korea, US and Chinese authorities have scrambled for confirmation of the test, however officials in Seoul have cast doubt on the claim it was a hydrogen bomb saying no radiation had been detected. If confirmed, the explosion marks a major step forward in the country’s nuclear development. The surprise test was personally ordered by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and came just two days before his birthday :::: Read the full article »»»»

UPDATE! North Korea Gets ALL Vocal! Threatens to Ditch Armistace? Says No Nukes Traded For Food!

Posted: March 18th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: News, News Update, News Update!, REBLOG! | Tags: | Comments Off on UPDATE! North Korea Gets ALL Vocal! Threatens to Ditch Armistace? Says No Nukes Traded For Food!

North KoreaNorth Korea has threatened to scrap the armistice which ended the Korean War in 1953, citing US moves to impose sanctions for its nuclear test and tensions over South Korean-US exercises.

The threat comes amid reports from the United Nations that China and the United States have reached agreement on new measures to punish the North for last month’s nuclear weapons test.

The North’s military said it could launch a “precise” strike anytime, unrestrained by the armistice. It also warned it could mount a strike with atomic weapons to counter any US nuclear threat.

In a statement on official media yesterday, the military called the joint exercise a “most blatant” provocation and slammed a “vicious” scheme by the US and its allies to push for tougher United Nations sanctions

UPDATE! March 18 2013: The North’s foreign ministry, in a statement carried by state TV on Sunday, rejected suggestions that the impoverished state was using its weapons program as a way of bullying neighbours into offering much-needed aid.

“The US is seriously mistaken if it thinks that [North Korea] had access to nukes as a bargaining chip to barter them for what it called economic reward,” the statement said :: Read the full article »»»»

Violence Erupts Amid Massive Syrian Protests

Posted: December 31st, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: News, News Update, News Update!, Revolute | Tags: , , , , | Comments Off on Violence Erupts Amid Massive Syrian Protests

Large-scale violent anti-government protests unfolded across Syria as tens of thousands of demonstrators converged on public squares to protest the al-Assad regime – nationwide rallies dubbed “The Crawl to Freedom Square.”

Violence Erupts Amid Massive Syria Protests (picture-via-AP)

Once again Syria has seen deadly clashes as tens of thousands filled the streets to demonstrate against the government of president Bashar al-Assad and make their voices heard to Arab League monitors.

The protests coincide with reports of increased violence against demonstrators by President Bashar al-Assad’s security forces, even as an Arab League fact-finding mission works to determine whether the Syrian government is abiding by a peace agreement to end a brutal crackdown on protesters.

Read the full article »»

Read the full article »»»»

Final Pricing and Options Announced For Tesla’s Model S

Posted: December 28th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: News, News Update | Tags: , , , , | Comments Off on Final Pricing and Options Announced For Tesla’s Model S

Final Pricing and Options Announced For Tesla's Model S

Tesla has announced the final pricing and options for its übercool – Whitestar –  Model S sedan, which will hit the US market Mid-2012. Unlike Tesla’s first vehicle – Roadster – the Model S is a practical, yet supremely smooth looking family car, seating five or seven in Jaguar XF style luxury. Model S starts at around half the price of the $110k sporty Roadster. Tesla has reported that more than 6,500 reservations – with a minimum deposit of $US5,000, a total $US11 million in commitment from buyers has been raised – have been taken, and expect that number to sky-rocket. Amusingly, nearly 1000 punters had placed a deposit before the artists ink had dried on the concept renderings back in May 2009, this is clearly a much anticipated auto.


LiLo Breaches Probation

Posted: October 20th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Bailout, Bipolar Blond Momentum, Blip, Blipvert, Celebrity Gossip, Celebrity News, Cult of Celebrity, Diana Detaux, Diana Detox, Favorite New Thought . . ., Get Out of the House, Love and Other Drugs, News, News Update, Socially Engineered, Standout, That Human Condition | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on LiLo Breaches Probation

With Lindsay Lohan the news just seems to go round and round and round. Lindsay Lohan appeared in court today –  looking her usual mess -and had her probation revoked,  it’s now likely she will go back to jail.

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner, today and revoked Lindsay Lohan’s probation, saying the actress has blown off her court-ordered community service and even questioning the starlet’s commitments to her acting career.

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