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Steve Ballmer’s Retirement Imminent, He Leaves Microsoft in an Unimpressive Position

Posted: August 25th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Technoid Computer News | Tags: , , , , | Comments Off on Steve Ballmer’s Retirement Imminent, He Leaves Microsoft in an Unimpressive Position

Microsoft CEOMicrosoft’s outlandish chief executive Steve Ballmer has announced he has his heart set on retirement. The gregarious CEO reckons he’s pensioning himself off sometime within the next 12 months.

It’s the opinion of this blogger that Microsoft might just be better off without Ballmer. Under Ballmer’s helmsman-ship the company has missed far too many obvious opportunities, leaving the once mighty company languishing in cyber-nomans land.

One analyst says “Microsoft has clearly been on the wrong track for a long time, missing the shift to high mobility entirely.”

Ballmer’s retirement might just open a new chapter for Microsoft, while its Windows OS is used in the vast majority of personal computers. Microsoft during Ballmer’s 13 years of control has had little impact in the fast-growing mobile device segment.

The tech-behemoth has faced a slurry of criticism for not keeping pace with a fast-evolving tech-sector, my personal criticism includes not eyeing-off it’s market correctly, not clearly knowing who it’s products appeal to and a massive lack of creative vision.

As well as a dismal vision, Ballmer has shaved real value of the company. The year that Ballmer began steering Microsoft, Apples – AAPL – share price was on par with Microsofts – MSFT – at about $100, today, Apple shares are valued at around $500,  while Microsoft has barely lifted to $35.

While Microsoft has battled to keep pace in development, it’s preferred market seems to have been slices of the iPhone and Android markets, leaving those – seniors, those around Ballmer’s own age – who actually love thier products virtually untouched :: Read the full article »»»»