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Another South Australian Paedophile Jailed, Torsten Heggblum Claims He Was JUST Helping Authorities Clean-up The Interweb

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Another South Australian Paedophile Jailed, Torsten Heggblum Claims He Was JUST Helping Authorities Clean-up The Interweb

There are more than just a few things wrong with this post, firstlyclearly – the nature of it is pretty off-putting, secondly, whats with all the paedaphiles in Adelaide? and thirdly, did this guy really say that?

Torsten Heggblum has been jailed for just 18 months for sharing child pornography online, despite arguing he was working to try help authorities stamp out child abuse. Heggblum, 46, admitted two child pornography charges in the Adelaide District Court.

Heggblum will be eligible to seek release from custody after serving 9 of his 18 month sentence.

Heggblum was among 11 Australian men charged in June last year by Australian Federal Police for exchanging images and videos of sexual abuse of children as young as five on an internet site. Police said the material included scenes of bondage, torture and rape.

Heggblum brazenly told the court he was motivated to download 1.3 million images and 11,000 videos found on his computers because he wanted to help authorities detect laboratories where children were being exploited. Judge Michael Boylan said Heggblum’s story was bizarre and jailed him.

Andrew Lanxon Whitford Jailed For Child Pornography

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Andrew Lanxon Whitford Convicted PeadophilePaedophile Andrew Lanxon Whitford has been jailed for just two years and nine months after being convicted of the distribution and possession of more than 30,000 items of child pornography.

A South Australian court was told that an undercover police officer made contact with Whitford through a P2P website the paedophile used to distribute his illegal material, soon after contact the police officer received child pornography material.

Adelaide District Court Judge Wayne Chivell, was told that Andrew Lanxon Whitford, 60, was arrested after police received a tip-off that Whitford was using a P2P web site to distribute his illegal material. The court was told Adelaide police seized his computer equipment and found an estimated 30,000 images and videos. Whitford pleaded guilty to aggravated disseminating and possessing child pornography.

In handing down his sentence, Judge Chivell said that he couldn’t understand how anyone could derive pleasure from such material.

“How any person can derive pleasure from viewing this material is beyond me,” Judge Chivell said. “Some of the child pornography material is of the worst kind. The offending was at the serious end of the spectrum. The offending occurred over a period of months and you did not cease voluntarily.”

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Hundreds of Paedophiles Netted in International Sting

Posted: July 5th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: CRIME!, Hard Pill to Swallow, Paedophile, That Human Condition | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on Hundreds of Paedophiles Netted in International Sting

ONLINE SECURITY - Remember Where Your Children Are - Hundreds of Paedophiles Netted in Global StingHundreds of paedophiles prowling on the internet have been identified in an operation in 141 countries, Austrian Federal Police said. In Austria alone, operation “Carole” found 272 suspects, making it the biggest ever police sweep against child pornography in the small country.

The investigations, which lasted almost a year, began in Luxembourg when the operator of a root server based there reported two websites containing large quantities of child pornography to the authorities. Chief Inspector Harald Gremel, the operations coordinating officer, said Austrian Federal Police were alerted by Luxembourg authorities after they found child pornography was being watched worldwide from several Luxembourg-based home pages.

The website’s files, indicating a worldwide clientele, were seized by police and passed on to investigators in 141 countries, Austrian police said, without elaborating on the countries or the number of people involved.

The 272 Austrian suspects, all male and aged 17 to 70, came from all types of background and professions, including teachers and kindergarten staff. All of them were found in possession of paedophile images or videos. In two cases actual abuse of children could be proven, police said.

Searches at the suspects’ homes turned up vast amounts of material, which is currently being examined. Many of the suspects are thought to be from Vienna. Police declined to say whether investigations were continuing outside of Austria.

In March 2011, an Europol sweep identified 670 suspects and made 184 arrests in what was then the biggest case of its kind. In June of this year, law enforcement agents in the United States arrested 190 people in a cross-border – Operation Orion – investigation into child pornography.


Operation Orion Nets Nearly 200 Child Pornographers

ONLINE SECURITY! Remember Where Your Children Are ?


UK Parents Using Facebook To Find Children They Gave Up For Adoption or Abandoned

Posted: January 12th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Facebook, Hard Pill to Swallow, News, Social Media | Tags: , , , , , , | Comments Off on UK Parents Using Facebook To Find Children They Gave Up For Adoption or Abandoned

UK Parents Using Facebook To Find ChildrenHundreds of adopted children in the United Kingdom have been contacted by their birth parents, who used social media sites like Facebook to track them down. One adoption support group in Victoria says the process can be illegal, and a mother of three adopted children in the UK says it can be highly traumatic.

Adopted children can sometimes spend their whole lives wondering about their birth parents because the search process through official channels can take years. One adopted teenager in the UK received a message on Facebook saying “Hello, I am your father.

I have been searching for you ever since you were stolen by social services. You look beautiful. I love you so much.” The father who wrote the message is a registered paedophile, whose children were removed by social services and later adopted.

It’s a development that has concerned some psychologists, who fear the destabilizing impact that kind of sudden contact could have.

In Britain, health services fear that some birth parents, and in particular those who may have been abusive in the past, could track down their birth children via sites like Facebook to establish or re-establish contact. 

Some psychologists have reported that adopted children have displayed troubled behavior after their parents had unexpectedly re-established contact :: Read the full article »»»»