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Iowa Supreme Court Rules That Employers Can Legally Sack Workers Who Are TOO Good Looking

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Iowa Supreme Court Rules That Employers

The Iowa Supreme Court in the United States has ruled that employers in the state can legally fire workers they find too attractive. In a unanimous decision, the court held that a dentist did not violate the state’s civil rights act when he terminated a female dental assistant whom his wife considered a threat to their marriage.

The dental assistant, Melissa Nelson, who worked for dentist James Knight for more than 10 years and had never flirted with him, according to the testimony of both parties, sued, saying she would not have been fired if she were a man.

At trial, Mr Knight testified he had complained to Ms Nelson on several occasions that her clothing was too tight, revealing and “distracting”. However, sometime in 2009, he also began exchanging txt messages with Ms Nelson. Most of the txts were work-related and harmless, according to testimony. But others were more suggestive :: Read the full article »»»»

Australian Emergency SMS Service

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Australian Emergency SMS Service

All mobile phones within Australia will have access to a new text message emergency warning system by the early 2013. The system, which until recently supplied emergency alerts only to landlines, has been extended to include all mobile phones in Australia. The system is being rolled out from November this year – to Telstra customers – and should be completed within 3 months.

Emergency Alerts are sent by emergency services to landline telephones based on the location of the handset, and to mobile phones, based on the service address. In the case of an emergency, Australians receive a voice message on their landline or a text message on mobile phones. Along with the Emergency Alert a link is supplied for recipients to access more information, by following a set of basic instructions.

Emergency Alert is an Australian Government based alert system, within Australia 0444 444 444 is the designated number for Emergency Alerts.

This number will always be displayed in the message header or caller ID. Since it’s inception – December 2009, for landlines –  Emergency Alert has been used on 500 separate occasions nationally, with more than 7 million messages having been already sent :: Read the full article »»»»

Australian Spy Agency Wants YOUR Data

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Aussie Spy Agency Wants ALL Your DataThe Australian Security Intelligence Organisation – ASIO – Australia’s national spy agency has backed controversial legislation which would force telcos to retain customer communication – phone, internet – data for at least two years.

ASIO says basic communications – meta – data from phones and emails, such as when a call was made or whom an email was sent to, is crucial to the gathering of evidence. The spy agency has given an unclassified submission to a parliamentary committee, saying telecommunications companies have traditionally kept the data to bill customers but new technology means there is less need to do so.

It says the legislation will not give it access to the content of calls or emails, just the time they were sent or who they were sent to. Currently no warrant is required to peruse an individuals data records, unlike phone tapping.

ASIO says this type of data retention leads to tip-offs about terrorist cells and can confirm intelligence reports. The agency says it would support new penalties to stop the misuse of the powers. However, Australia’s second largest telco, Optus, says the proposed data retention will be expensive. It’s understood that Telstra – Australia’s largest telco -currently keeps data records for 5 years. The Australian Government hasn’t made a final decision on the laws :: Read the full article »»»»