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US Court Says There’s a Clear Constitutional Right To Openly Record Police

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A Boston lawyer – Simon Glik– is suing the city and police officers who arrested him for using his cell phone to record what he described as a rough arrest. Glick suspects that the police who arrested him wanted more to protect themselves from a possible misconduct complaint than to enforce the state’s privacy laws. The charges against Glik were thrown out of court. However,  Glik sued for violations of his civil rights. The First Circuit ruled today that the officers are not protected by qualified immunity :: Read the full article »»»»

Sex Workers and Boys in Blue

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Sex Workers and Boys in BlueVictorian Police Corruption

UPDATE: Melbourne, Australia – Victorian Special Investigations Monitor – David Jones, has defended his release to the Victorian State Parliament of a report detailing corrupt behaviour by police who blackmailed sex workers, operated an unlicensed brothel, and attempted to pervert the course of justice. Concerns about naming the geographic location had been raised by the Office of Police Integrity, as this may compromise ongoing investigations

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Victorian police have been linked to the operation of an illegal brothel and to corruption involving street prostitutes and drug dealers, a new report says. The report was written by former Judge David Jones in his role as the special investigations monitor overseeing the Office of Police Integrity. The report was tabled on February 28th in the Victorian parliament.

Fairfax newspapers said the report revealed the Office of Police Integrity was investigating allegations including “the theft of goods and controlled drugs from known sex workers, assaults of sex workers and criminal or improper associations with drug dealers, drug users and sex workers”. The allegations also included “the ownership and management of an unlicensed brothel” by police. The police station involved in the allegations was not named but Fairfax said the small number of police under investigation have worked in the St Kilda area :: Read the full article »»»»