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NSFW! Australia’s First ‘Revenge Porn’ Law

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NSFW!Australia’s most livable state, Victoria has modified existing sexting legislation to outlaw “revenge porn,” making it the first on the continent-down-under to criminalize the new form of cyber harassment.

The forthcoming law will make it an offense to take part in “non-consensual sexting;” i.e., deliberately sending explicit pictures of someone that isn’t yourself. Penalties for those who break the new law haven’t been finalised.

The laws have been through several drafts, including amendments added to protect minors – who post nude photos to one another – from being hit with child pornography charges.

Revenge porn first kicked off in 2010 with the launch of isanyoneup.com, a submission based porn site started by Hunter Moore. The site was a massive hit, dragging in hundreds of thousand of dollars in advertising revenue and attracting 30 million pageviews a month :: NSFW! CONTAINS ADULT THEMES + NUDITY ::  Read the full article »»»»

NSFW! Scarlett Johansson

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NSFW! M17 RATEDUnfortunately it’s a dubious proposition, Johansson has a new movie out early next year, the much hyped Avengers. She’s also been a little quiet on the PR trail of late?

Regardless, the interweb is once more abuzz with naked private pictures of a celebrity. When are these people going to learn, it’s inappropriate to take naked snaps? If what you desire is a lily-white reputation, to be able to set a solid moral example for your younger more impressionable fans – DON’T TAKE THE HAPPY SNAPS!  it seems Ms Johansson has called in the FBI to track down those nasty phone hackers.

An FBI spokesman declined to confirm or deny any investigation was underway, and a representative for Ms Johansson was not available to comment.

Ms Johansson has apparently turned to her attorney Marty Singer to do the dirty work of making sure everybody in the world pulls down the dirty pix. Ms Johansson’s lawyer has made it clear that his client wants every website which has posted the pics to take them down immediately :: Read the full NSFW! article »»»»

Razzies: Kiss My . . .

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The 31st Razzies Has Lost The Plot

In 2010 Good Movies were thin on the ground – Machete – was an exception, WE LOVED IT!

Cut from the cloth of a trailer for the Rodrigeuz | Tarantino film – Grindhouse

As the 83rd Academy Awards inch closer, so does that oddity that once served a purpose – The Razzies – now in their 3st year, The Razzies kicked off as an anti-establishment, pissstake of the movie industry. Insistant on publicising Bad Cinema, The Razzies seems to have lost the plot. The Razzies are run by California movie buff John Wilson’s Golden Raspberry Foundation as an antidote to the self-congratulatory seriousness that engulfs Hollywood during Oscar season. The winners – losers –  are determined by 650-plus – paying – voters.  will be announced during a Hollywood ceremony on Feb. 26, the day before the Oscars are handed out. Not surprisingly, most honorees do not attend. Notable exceptions included Sandra Bullock last year for All About Steve, and Halle Berry in 2005 for Catwoman. Bullock went on to win an Oscar the next day for The Blind Side.

Anyhows – the point is coming – in 2010 good films were seriously thin on the ground. Machete was better than good, it was great, it was NOT an out of the box movie, it was a surprise! More – it was a pissstake on movie making and never pofessed to be anything but a Movie. The Razzies on the other hand have turned into a subscriber based – middle america – white bread – pout contest – that has little to do with framing Bad Cinema. We do find it amusing when radical reaches middle age – things just get so mellow – all you have to worry about is keeping them darn subscribers hitting the pay button!

Machete was a harmless little flick that blipped past most peoples radar, the cast was insane. Cast: Rodriguez assembled one of the most eclectic casts ever: Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez, Don Johnson, Lindsay Lohan, Danny Trejo, Jeff Fahey and Cheech Marin. Plot: Machete – Trejo – a ex Mexican Federales, is hired to assassinate a corrupt senator – De Niro. Machete is double-crossed, pursued by a government agent  – Alba. Lohan plays a gun-wielding socialite who comes to Machete’s aid, Seagal plays a drug lord from his past.

JESSICA ALBA! has been nominated for the razzies? Worst Supporting Actress? Clearly we’re Not Happy right now – we loved her role in this flick . . .

Jessica Alba – Shower Scene – Machete

For $250 you can register as a voter on razzies.com, this membership gives the right to vote – we’d like to think we had the power to change history, at that price though we’ll probably just buy vodka and drown our sorrows – Jessica so doesn’t deserve this.