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LiLo Breaches Probation

Posted: October 20th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Bailout, Bipolar Blond Momentum, Blip, Blipvert, Celebrity Gossip, Celebrity News, Cult of Celebrity, Diana Detaux, Diana Detox, Favorite New Thought . . ., Get Out of the House, Love and Other Drugs, News, News Update, Socially Engineered, Standout, That Human Condition | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on LiLo Breaches Probation

With Lindsay Lohan the news just seems to go round and round and round. Lindsay Lohan appeared in court today –  looking her usual mess -and had her probation revoked,  it’s now likely she will go back to jail.

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner, today and revoked Lindsay Lohan’s probation, saying the actress has blown off her court-ordered community service and even questioning the starlet’s commitments to her acting career.

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READ A BOOK! Go the F**k to Sleep

Posted: October 5th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Art News, Blip, Diana Detox, Favorite New Thought . . ., Read A Book!, That Human Condition, They Said What | Tags: , , , , | Comments Off on READ A BOOK! Go the F**k to Sleep

Childrens books, hmmm . . .  The problem with this genre  is the audience, without which it would be an admirable, even honorable calling. So lets imagine they don’t exist, lets imagine writing a childrens book that only the most lowbrow or hippest parents would ever read to a child. And hey presto, it’s been done already. Go the F**k to Sleep :: Read the full article »»»»


Posted: September 28th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Cult of Celebrity, Naked and Nude, Naked Self Portrat via iPhone, Not Porn, NSFW! | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on SEXTING! ALISON BRIE?

NSFW! M17 RATEDWe’ve been on a rant for the last six months – SEXTING! – nasty, dirty celebrities taking nasty dirty pix of themselves NAKED!

Our tag has been all about the irresponsible behaviour these supposed grown-ups have inflicted on young impressionable minds.

Along the way we’ve been truly surprised at who has popped up in the SEXTING STAKES.

Everyone expected Lilo to get her kit off, no one was hugely shocked at Gossip Girls Blake Lively admiring her breast bits? Scarlett Johansson kind of came out of left field!

BUT ALISON BRIE??? :: Read the full NSFW! article »»»»

Funkinwagnill: Fact # 000003

Posted: September 10th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Not Porn | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on Funkinwagnill: Fact # 000003

TAGS TAGS TAGS! The internet is run on the darn things, they assist in pointing your browser to relevant content. TAGS or keywords are intended to be overtly literal, for example: Facebook/facebook will clearly bring up search results relvant to Facebook/facebook! Based on Google’s clever search algorithm NOT PORN will list a bunch of sites that are not pornographic?! Wikipedia describe PORN as: “the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction.” It stands to reason then that NOT PORN is NOT the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction. This is relevant to us for several reasons.

Google has requested that our TAG: NOT PORN be removed from our Stepanie Seymour Articles: www.sociallyengineered.com.au/Stephanie+Seymour/ claiming the articles are pornographic?

Google has suspended our Adsense account due to the Tag: NOT PORN

At NO TIME has or will www.highpants.com posted PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL, as the TAG suggests NOT PORN is not porn.

PORNOGRAPHIC material in our view is blatant, unmistakeable: when you see it you know it!

www.highpants is not claiming that it is angelic, nor are we remotely interested in skewed morals, our point of view is that of the broader community.
Other TAGS that may offend are Shut The F_ck Up, Naked and Nude, Bipolar Blond Moment, infact almost any combination of words has the potential to offend.

We are not bound by any Google page rating system, nor do we recognise Google as a net nanny, we rely on www.ncmec.org  and the like.
We are rated <R> and our sites are suitable for adults 18 years and older.

If you are offended by any of our content – such as NOT PORN – please do not revisit our site, close this page and don’t return!

REMINDER! you are here voluntarily, if your children stroll onto this site, please control them.

A Reminder: Pornography or porn is the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction, we don’t run porn, we could care-less about your sexual arousal, we love you for your minds!  NOT PORN is a literal TAG: it is not porn.

NSFW! GUCCI GUCCI Anti Hollywood Hackers Hit Kreayshawn

Posted: August 30th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Kiss My . . ., Naked and Nude, Not Porn, NSFW! | Tags: , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on NSFW! GUCCI GUCCI Anti Hollywood Hackers Hit Kreayshawn

NSFW! M17 RATED. . . and the Celebrity PR machine rolls on, with the latest celebrity hacking – we think this is new speak for MARKETING!  The latest victim of picture hacking is MTV VMA nominated rapper “Gucci-Gucci” Kreayshawn.

She’s speciously claiming that some – Anti-Hollywood Extremists – have hacked her Twitter account and leaked topless photos taken of the artist?

Apparently she is also claiming she was underage when the pix were clicked!? Wouldn’t that imply the snapper was involved in kiddy porn, eeeeeeeek, eeeeeeeew etc.

Kreayshawn was quick to explain that the nasty Anti-Hollywood Hackers had sent her tweets promoting their odd message of anti-brew stuff,

…then the nasties deleted the poor gals twitter account.

Oh and they leaked out private under age photos of her!? We might be white but we’re not necessarily dim :: Read the full NSFW! article »»»»

Read A Book: Rule 34 – If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions!

Posted: August 22nd, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Art News, Blip, Favorite New Thought . . ., Read A Book!, Socially Engineered | Tags: , , , , , | Comments Off on Read A Book: Rule 34 – If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions!

Charles Stross’s latest techno thriller, Rule 34, is a clear view at the dark side of nerd culture, Stross has produced a grotesque and gripping page-turner. Rule 34 is a near-future science fiction novel by Charles StrossRule 34 is a loose sequel to Halting State

The title is a reference to the meme Rule 34 of the Internet, a meme which states that “If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.”

Rule 34 is told in second-person singular but from three points of view:  Edinburgh Police Inspector Kavanaugh who investigates spammers murdered in a gruesome and inventive ways, and learns about similar cases in other parts of Europe.

Anwar, a former identity thief who becomes Scottish honorary consul for a fictional Central Asian state; and “The Toymaker”, an enforcer and organizer for the criminal “Operation”. Their interactions and conflicts drive the story.

It’s a slow Tuesday afternoon, and you’re coming to the end of your shift on the West End control desk when Sergeant McDougall IMs you: INSPECTOR WANTED ON FATACC SCENE :: Read the full article »»»»