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North Korea Carries Out H-Bomb Test

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North Korea Carries Out H-Bomb Test-Kim Jong Un

South Korea, US and Chinese authorities have scrambled for confirmation of the test, however officials in Seoul have cast doubt on the claim it was a hydrogen bomb saying no radiation had been detected. If confirmed, the explosion marks a major step forward in the country’s nuclear development. The surprise test was personally ordered by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and came just two days before his birthday :::: Read the full article »»»»

WORD! grace

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More than just a word, grace is a way of living

Three Chrome Extensions You Can’t Live Without

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Technoid Computer News: 3 BEST Chrome Extensions

On its own, Google’s Chrome is a pretty neat browser, however extensions can either increase or weigh down its potential exponentially. So, exactly what are extensions – I hear you whisper? Essentially, they’re small apps that add extra – external – functionality. For Chrome, there are literally tens of thousands of available extensions, performing a huge variety of functions – everything from find shopping coupons, to extensions that make your computer run much faster. A visit to Googles Chrome Web Store Extensions page can be overwhelming, so we’re going to simplify things for you, here are 3 extensions you can’t – or shouldn’t – live without.

For newbies to the Chrome browser, consider this your extensions starter pack. If you’re a Chrome power user, you’ll no doubt be familiar most or some of these, but you might learn about some you’ve never heard of before. Once you’ve tried any one of these extensions, you won’t know how you ever lived without them :: Read the full article »»»»

Quote of the Day – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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Quote of the Day - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Christmas Wishes 2015

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Merry Christmas to my FB friends, family + loved ones, hope you all have fun‪#‎shopping‬ for those special someone’s, hope you find time to spend with those you care about & lets not forget to spare a thought for those doing it tough :: Read the full article »»»»

Tony Abbot Impersonates Will Ferrell Impersonating George W Bush

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Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Impersonates Will Ferrell Impersonating George W Bush

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has used a speech in London to call on European leaders to close their borders to asylum seekers or risk imperilling their nations.

Abbott used the occasion to promote the Coalition’s hardline asylum seeker policies as a solution to Europe’s migrant crisis, which has seen hundreds of thousands of people, mainly from the Middle East, cross into the continent.

The former PM urged regional leaders to act by “turning around boats and denying entry at the border for people with no right to come” :: Read the full article »»»»