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North Korea Carries Out H-Bomb Test

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North Korea Carries Out H-Bomb Test-Kim Jong Un

South Korea, US and Chinese authorities have scrambled for confirmation of the test, however officials in Seoul have cast doubt on the claim it was a hydrogen bomb saying no radiation had been detected. If confirmed, the explosion marks a major step forward in the country’s nuclear development. The surprise test was personally ordered by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and came just two days before his birthday :::: Read the full article »»»»

DPRK Accedes to South On Family Reunions

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North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-unThe DPRK – North Korea – has agreed to South Korea’s proposal for a resumption of reunions for families who’ve been separated since the 1950-53 Korean war, is the DPRK getting soft under it’s new, youthfilled ruler?

The usually stoic North has agreed to hold the event during the traditional Chuseok – 추석 harvest – holiday that falls in mid September, as suggested by the South.

Pyongyang’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea made the announcement this morning in a statement by state media. The communist bastion also proposed another round of indirect family reunions via video conference in early – October 4 is the anniversary of the 2007 inter-Korean summit – the Committee said in a statement via the North’s official Korean Central News Agency :: Read the full article »»»»

NORTH KOREA! Japanese Tweet Missile Launch/South Korea on VITAL THREAT Alert WATCHCON 4

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North Korea Launches Missile at Japan ...oopsEmergency Service officials in the Japanese city of Yokohama have been left red-faced after mistakenly announcing the launch of a North Korean missile to 40,000 followers on Twitter. The city, south of Tokyo, prematurely fired its tweet just before noon (local time), announcing “North Korea has launched a missile” with blank spaces to indicate the exact time.

South Korean and US forces have raised their alert status to “vital threat” before an expected North Korean missile test, with tensions high in the run-up to a key anniversary. Any launch could coincide with visits by US secretary of state John Kerry and NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who will both be in South Korea this Friday.

South Korean foreign minister Yun Byung-Se told parliament the launch could take place “any time” and warned Pyongyang it risked triggering a fresh round of UN sanctions :: Read the full article »»»»

Google Maps Gulags

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The internet behemoth that is Google, has rolled out a super detailed map of North Korea, which even labels some of its remote and infamous gulags. Until now North Korea was pretty much a blank canvas to users of Google’s Map Maker, which creates maps from data that is provided by the public :: Read the full article »»»»

Kim Jong-il Dead at 69

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KOREA-KIM-JONG-IL-AUGUST-2011North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, revered at home by a propaganda machine that turned him into a demi-God and vilified in the West as a temperamental tyrant with a nuclear arsenal, has died, state television reported. Kim, who was 69 years old, died on Saturday, it said. Kim was the unchallenged head of the oppressive state whose economy fell deeper into poverty during his years in power.

Kim vexed the world by developing a nuclear arms program and an arsenal of missiles aimed to hit neighbours Japan and South Korea, while at home, his people suffered the degradation of near starvation. Kim had been portrayed as a criminal mastermind behind deadly bombings, a jovial dinner host, a comic buffoon in Hollywood movies and by the administration of former US president George W Bush as the ruler of “an outpost of tyranny”.

In August 2008 Kim suffered a stroke, but was thought to have recovered. It si believed his death was due to a heart attack, though North Korean Media is reporting that his death was due to fatigue.

Known at home as “the Dear Leader”, Kim took over North Korea in 1994 when his father and founder of the reclusive state Kim Il-sung, known as “the Great Leader”, died :: Read the full article »»»»

Kim Jong il’s Family Problems

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Our favorite dicator, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il – aka Yuri Irsenovich Kim aka Dear Leader  has been in absolute power now for 18 years. Forbes ranks the Supreme Leader as 31st in it’s List of The World’s Most Powerful People. Don’t let his iron-fisted power fool you though. It seems the Genral has as much trouble as the next man keeping his family in-line. A quick rundown on our favorite dictator reveals some astounding facts:

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