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Risky Business

Posted: August 29th, 2017 | Author: | Filed under: Hard Pill to Swallow, News, News Update | Tags: , , , | Comments Off on Risky Business

Risky Business via reuters Toru Hanai

It’s a given, the USA could obliterate North Korea, however, as Steve Bannon, Trump’s outgoing advisor said, ‘…there are no military options.”

The consequences of war would be unimaginably horrific for both sides of the 38th parallel. The millions of casualties and wholesale destruction of cities like Seoul and Pyongyang could never be justified.

So how does this end?

Or do we simply learn to live with a nuclear-armed and missile-capable North Korea?

Successive US presidents have promised that would never happen, and yet it might already be a reality. Kim Jong-un seems to be betting his regime on the hope his newly developed firepower will offer a guarantee of protection, rather than an invitation to disaster ::::

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is once again testing the tolerance of the USA

When the North Koreans decided to fire an intermediate-range missile over Japan, they were taking a huge gamble. …just how far could they push the United States before it likely reacts?

A few days earlier the very random regime fired three short-range missiles as the annual US-South Korean war games launched in the region. The provocation was largely ignored.

…is this latest launch a game-changer?. Tuesday’s launch was probably one of the North’s new Hwasong-12 missiles, the missile they’d threatened to fire at Guam.

That the missile wasn’t fired at Guam scored Kim Jong-un praise from the US President – Donald Trump, however, that glimmering moment of detente is now likely dead.

Coverage of the North Korean missile Launch via AP - Ahn Youn-joon

This latest missile, which clearly rattled Japan, is surely confirmation that this is a regime unconcerned over international condemnation.

It’s wise to know however, there must be a line beyond which the United States’ tolerance will end.

How close we are to that line, and what happens beyond, is unclear.

Kim Jong-un has seemingly decided that he’s on the right side of that line. And he can tell his people of yet another glorious chapter in the ongoing battle against the evil United States of America.

source: reuters image source: reuters via kcna

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The half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been reportedly assassinated in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian police said Kim Jong-nam collapsed suddenly at Kuala Lumpur International Airport – KLIA – he died en-route to hospital.

Police official Fadzil Ahmat said the cause of death was not yet known, and a post-mortem would be carried out on the body.

According to the official, Kim Jong-nam had been planning to travel to Macau on Monday when he fell ill at the airport’s low-cost terminal. “He felt dizzy, so he asked for help at the counter of KLIA.”

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