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Paranoid Android’s… Tasmania, Australia’s NEW UFO Capital!? Tinfoil-hats at the ready

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Tasmania, Austaralia's New UFO CapitolEmergency services in Australia’s most southerly state, Tasmania, are unable to explain the source of a superbright beam of light which reportedly fell from the sky and formed a circle of fire in a Hobart suburb.

Early Saturday morning emergency service operators received phone calls from concerned residents in Carnegie Street at Claremont. According to ABC News, residents reported seeing a bright light descending from the heavens, the light then ignited a fire in a nearby vacant lot, the object left a distinctive but mysterious scorching on the earth.

Reports of UFO activity have been coming thick and fast from the island state. In December last year unusual lights in the sky over Hobart sparked a wave of concern. The source of the mystery lights remains unknown and Tasmania Police took dozens of calls from people around the state who saw the lights heading south::::

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Tasmania Fire Service officer Scott Vinen told ABC News the blaze was quickly put out, leaving an oddly shaped scorched patch of ground. He said the bizarre incident has everyone baffled.

“Once we put the fire out, we walked through the burnt patch and tried to find something,” Mr Vinen said. “We thought a flare or something may have landed there, but we couldn’t find any cause or residue”

The patch of bizarrely scorched earth is roughly in the shape of a distorted saucer. However, Tasmanian Fire Services say they won’t investigate further.

Claremont UFO Scorched Earth

Tasmania, Australia’s NEW UFO Capital?

This, it seems, is just the latest in a spate of UFO sightings in the sleepy state,earlier this month a Central Highlands couple, who wish to remain anonymous, say on several occasions they have seen many strange balls of light, floating above their property. The couple  say the lights moved, changing colour and are often accompanied by other, smaller lights.

On several occasions she’s seen yellow and white lights which join together and dart off in different directions, above the middle of their property. One of the witness’ looked out the window in the early hours of the morning to see a light floating about 30 metre among the tree tops.

“Sometimes I’ve seen all the area lit up so that the trees all around here are lit up with that yellow light,” the witness said. “Huge big, round, yellow, orange and red, like a ball about as big as the full moon, it was red and hot and orange and looked like the back-burner of a jet.”

However the couple said as soon as they spotted the object, it vanished. On other occasions, the large single light was replace by 3 to 4 smaller blinking yellow lights, appearing about five metres – 15 feet – off the ground.

“It’s constant, even last night seeing this big white light down here.”

The couples teenage daughter has also reported a bright white light flooding into her upstairs bedroom, through closed curtains. She said it moved slowly across the window, her window is 20 feet off the ground, upstairs. The couple has investigated the source of the lights, but cannot explain the phenomenon.

They’ve conducted their own experiments to try to determine what they are seeing. They say they have had several experiences with unidentified objects and mysterious lights for more than 40 years.  Over the years they’ve both seen mysterious flying shapes, pillars of light reaching into the skies and heard unsettling, other-world singing. As for their current strange sightings, they are still searching for an answer.

The couple say they aren’t afraid, they are so-far unharmed by the lights. The couple are compiling a report of their experiences for the Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre.

Members of TPA – Team Paranormal Australia – spent a night on the couples property in November 2012. TPA founding member Evan Sorrell said they were told of strange activity in the area and that the owners would just like some peace of mind about it.

Mr Sorrell said early in the evening they were excited by the appearance of a multi-coloured ball of light moving in the distance.

“Going up there we didn’t really know what to expect and we certainly got a lot more than we bargained for,” Mr Sorrell said. “Red, blue, green, white, yellow, I mean every colour you could imagine, It was almost like it was cycling through them.”

Mr Sorrell said they also saw bright split-second flashes as well as other strange unidentified lights. He says they take a scientific approach to sightings, with many others put down to micro-earthquakes or swamp gas. However, these theories don’t explain the very mobile nature of the Central Highlands lights.

“There were also these strange orangey-red streaks of light that almost just washed up over the top of trees, from ground up towards the top, then they’d just disappear.” Mr Sorrell said.

Unfortunately – cough – the infra-red camera equipment TPA dragged along to the site, wasn”t appropriate for outdoor use…

TUFOIC – Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre –   has looked into hundreds of reported sighting in the state for more than 40 years. The organisations Keith Roberts says many reported events have simple explanations.

“Last year we had 40 investigations to do, of which only two remain unexplained at the moment,” Mr Roberts said. “It’s all fairly common sense; checking on satellites, air traffic times, meteors, local explanations.”

Mr Roberts has advised the couple to keep records.

“All the rational explanations like satellites, planes, astronomical explanations have all gradually disappeared,” Mr Roberts said.

For TUFOIC the Central Highlands case remains open, investigations are continuing…

Youtube Video: These UFO were filmed offshore  – Tasmania – the film-maker reported that he observed two blinking lights over the sea near the coastline, the lights hung-about for 30 min before they disappeared. In the video you’ll see the one light standing still, while the other light in distance take off slowly?

Hotbed of Paranormal Activity

Tasmania is a hotbed of UFO sightings, in May 2011, Fairfax media reported “spooky” unexplained flashing object above Launceston. According to witness, Brendon Hill, the white and green object flashed for several minutes before shooting off in the sky high above the sleepy Tasmanian village.

Mr Hill told Fairfax reporter Kate Clifford that he’d witnessed the lights appear over several nights.

“It made my hair stand up on my neck,” Mr Hill said. “It seems so unhuman, it doesn’t resemble anything I have seen before and after seeing it with my own eyes it feels very spooky.”

A Bureau of Meteorology Launceston spokesman said no sightings of Mr Hill’s description were reported to the office. However, there were reports of the Aurora Australis – the southern lights – which sends bright green and red lights flashing across the sky.

Franklin River UFO Sighting

Just to keep things interesting, Helen Kempton from Tasmania’s Mercury newspaper, penned a piece that was bannered by the above picture – check the top right hand corner – the photograph was allegedly taken earlier this year near the pristine Franklin River in Tasmania’s Wild Rivers National Park.

In December last year unusual lights in the sky over Hobart sparked a wave of concern, however a Keith Roberts said it was probably a meteor or space junk.

The source of the mystery lights remains unknown, Tasmania Police took dozens of calls from people around the state who saw the lights heading south.

Ten months earlier, there were reports of strange lights over Launceston, I reckon the Northern Territory UFO Buffs will be scratching their heads right about now, COMPETITION HUH!

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