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CHINA Cracks Down On PORN!

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CHINA-NEWSMore than fifty websites, blogs and microblog accounts have been shut down over the past week in China, not a huge number right?  it is if your a pornster in China, in it’s latest round of crackdowns on online porn the government’s State Internet Information Office – SIIO – said the websites were closed for posting pornographic images, articles, films, amateur videos, online ads for prostitutes.

The SIIO was setup in May 2011, and is the  online branch of the überpowerful State Council Information Office, the communist states censorship office. China’s Internet, with the world’s largest number of users – more than 450 million – is a booming industry, attracting investors and government agencies hoping for a stake in online revenues through licensing and regulation.

The National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications said Tuesday that nearly 1.8 million websites had been checked since the launch of the campaign, and 2,195 cases of dissemination of online pornography have been dealt with.

The office received more than 160,000 porn-related tip-offs from the general public and paid out about more than $AU75,000/¥500,000 to around 5oo informants. Companies and government departments also joined in the campaign. As part of the sting, China Mobile organized 20 employees – mothers of teenagers – to assist with monitoring and reporting mobile sites ::::

According to reports, some of the porn sites featured pop-up windows with ads containing “vulgar and pornographic content and ads for sex-related drugs.” The porn sites hit were not registered with government departments.

The State Council Information Office is also targeting the telecom companies who provided services for the websites. SIIO was setup to “guide, coordinate and supervise the relevant agencies in strengthening management of Internet content, taking on responsibility for Internet news tasks, vetting and approval, as well as day-to-day supervision of associated activities,” according to a notice on the government’s website www.gov.cn.

Last September China’s internet authorities shut down around 100,000 blog and microblog accounts in a six month campaign that accused operators of circulating “lewd” content.

The SIIO also said the government prosecuted 165 porn publications for breaching censorship laws. The anti-porn crusade has yielded more than 2,195 cases, including the prosecution of 300 internet companies, and breaking up 4o criminal syndicates involved in publishing illegal adult content.

As well as the crackdown on blatant porn, China has been keeping a close eye on it’s shades-of-grey, banning 43 recently published online soft porn novels, according to a notice issued by the State Censors on Tuesday. The notice states that since October, GAPP has issued several orders to investigate a dozen online pornographic novels and the websites that host them.

Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Agency has punished 24 websites and demanded the deletion of 209 links to illegal content. Eight of the sites were shut down for providing porn. The notice also warns that it’s getting more difficult to detect pornographic websites as they’re becoming adept at concealing their content from regulators. Some move their servers to other provinces or abroad, while others find creative ways to disguise pornographic content. In some cases the sites are taken over by the state, who seem to run wholesome ads for well known Chinese products.

Technological innovations have enabled publishers of erotic material to disseminate it through smart phones, tablet computers and e-books, according to the notice. The hardship is keeping track of China’s agencies, in this single article, 5 seperate agencies have been involved in the censorship crackdown.

Mobile sites have also come under close scrutiny, Cthe press watchdog has exposed 19 domestic websites responsible for distributing obscene flash and cell phone games, among them, 17 websites, including lywww.com and flash.shangdu.com, were found to have provided online pornographic flash games, according to a statement released Thursday by -GAPP – General Administration of Press and Publication.

The other two sites, www.ibox360.net and www.sisdown.com, were listed due to their download service, offering mobile phone games with lewd content. GAPP warned these websites to delete all pornographic content, and those failing to do so would be shut down. As part of a nationwide campaign to sweep out pornography from Chinese media and publications, the GAPP periodically publicizes lists of websites which are found to contain pornographic content.

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