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Define Phrasings: Rob Brezsny

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Rob Brezsney: Define Phrase
Rob Brezsny (a.k.a. Ray Foreplay, a.k.a. Pope Artaud) is an American astrologer, writer, poet, and musician. His weekly horoscope column Free Will Astrology (formerly known as Real Astrology), has been published for more than 28 years, runs in 120 periodicals, and can be subscribed to for free via email :: Read the full article »»»»

Costa Concordia’s Captain Coward Sparks Outrage Over University Lecture on Panic Management

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Costa Concordia's Captain Coward Sparks Outrage Over University Lecture on Panic Management

Italy’s notorious shipwreck captain, accused of a fatal delay in sounding the alarm as his Costa Concordia cruise liner sank, has sparked outrage by giving a lecture to students on best emergency practices.

Francesco Schettino, dubbed Captain Coward after allegedly abandoning ship before his passengers were safe, was invited by a professor to speak for two hours at a criminology seminar linked to Rome’s La Sapienza university, despite being on trial for the deaths of 32 people in the 2012 disaster :: Read the full article »»»»

Movable Asset Loans Set to Revolutionize Business Opps in Asia Pacific

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Movable Asset Loans Set to Revolutionise Business Opps in Asia Vietnamese Fishing Coracles

Scooters, coracles, beasts of burden and even crop stocks are providing the poor in the Asia Pacific region with new business opportunities. It’s a huge leap of faith for usually stayed banks and finance companies, but ‘movable asset’ loans are taking off.

Intangible assets, goods that are easily hidden, lost or sold, present unique risks for financiers. Since the global financial crisis the appetite of bankers for taking unnecessary risk has significantly reduced.

To overcome this, countries wanting to offer movable asset loans are passing legislation to set up “secured transaction” registers, one lender in PNG - Credit Corporation - secures 90 percent of its loans against movable assets and all of those loans have gone to Indigenous entrepreneurs :: Read the full article »»»»

Quote of the Day

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DPRK Calls Hollywood Movie an ‘Act of War’

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DPRK Calls Hollywood Movie an 'Act of War'

Our most fovourite dictatorship, the DPRK has released a statement warning the US of serious retaliation if an upcoming comedy casting irony at the North Korean leader is not banned immediately.

North Korea has denounced a ‘The Interview’ a forthcoming American comedy film featuring a plot to assassinate its leader Kim Jong Un as an act of terrorism, the communist nation has threatened to unleash a “merciless counter-measure” if Washington fails to ban the movie.

The movie, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is scheduled for release in October this year :: Read the full article »»»»

Dutch Band ‘ADAM’ Sing While… orgasming?

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Dutch Band 'ADAM' Sing While... orgasming?Dutch pop group ‘ADAM’ have filmed themselves enduring some serious pleasure while attempting to make their way through their latest single ‘Go To Go’.

It’s kind of funny, intimate, and very yummy, the spontaneous expressions are priceless…

ADAM gave an interview to VICE’s music blog Noisey where they explained their, um, process.

What’s happening beneath the frame is apparently “a trade secret,” one of the women said.

“It requires a lot of focus” to sing and orgasm at the same time. “Your voice goes all over the place, so you have to focus on your voice as well as the other stuff that’s going on in your body.”

Seems that intimacy sells, the band has scored more than 5 million views of it’s Youtube clip – below – and it’s Facebook page just clocked 10,000 likes, go girls :: Read the full article »»»»

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